On completion of modules 1 and 2 participants will achieve the FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning. Participants must complete modules 1 and 2 to acquire the essential skills and knowledge required to complete the remaining modules. While the remaining modules 3 and 4 of the program may be completed in any order, it is strongly recommended participants progress sequentially through the program. Please note module 4 (PSR) must be completed before a progressing to the SMSF Specialist module.

The Accountants’ Strategic Advice (ASA) program¬† is ideal for Accountants who wish to provide licensed financial advice and wanting to engage on a deeper level with their clients. This program not only helps you obtain all the necessary RG146 accreditation requirements to deliver the best SMSF accounting and licensed financial advice, but also provides practical advice and guidance on how to make it all possible within your accounting business.